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Appeals and Judicial Review

An unfavorable judicial judgment – or administrative board or tribunal decision – may not be the end of your case. At Harris & Brun Law Corporation we have over 35 years of appellate experience and are routinely retained to commence appeals on behalf of clients on the ground that an adjudicator made a factual or legal error that adversely affected the outcome of their case. We also successfully represent clients in responding to appeals, ensuring that their favourable judgments are upheld.

It is important to note that there is a 30 day time limit from the date of the decision, within which an appeal must be commenced. As a result, you must consider the necessity of an appeal immediately after the decision is rendered and retain counsel without delay.

Our judicial system consists of a hierarchy of courts. Orders made by lower courts and some administrative boards and tribunals may be appealed to a higher court. An appeal is not, however, a new trial or re-hearing or your entire case. The higher court will only reconsider the decision appealed from based on the evidence led at the lower court or tribunal hearing to determine whether an error was made. As a result, appellate counsel must be skilled at drafting and arguing legal theory. The lawyers at Harris & Brun Law Corporation tease out novel and nuanced legal arguments to provide clarity in the appropriate application of legal concepts and legislation. It is the skill that our lawyers bring to appellate work that results in Harris & Brun being sought after to act as appellate counsel, even when we were not counsel of record in the lower court or tribunal hearing.

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