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Insurance Law

Harris & Brun Law Corporation has a proven 35-year history of acting for industry-leading insurance companies in defending actions against their insureds, and in prosecuting and defending subrogated claims for recovery.  Insurance is, and always has been, the heart of our practice.  Our two founding lawyers, Lyle G. Harris, K.C., and Robert C. Brun, K.C., founded our firm with the primary purpose of serving the insurance community.  We work closely with both the insurer and insureds to resolve claims in the best interests of our clients.  Additionally, our opinion is routinely sought respecting various insured risks and potential breach issues facing our clients.  Our lawyers work closely with claims adjusters, examiners, and managers to ensure a solid litigation strategy is in place to effectively and efficiently resolve matters and manage risk.  We are confident in employing various means of alternative dispute resolution and are proud of the trial advocacy reputation we have built within our profession as being one of the foremost litigation firms in the province.

Insurance Law Services

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