October 15, 2019

Jennifer Brun Becomes CBABC Vice President

Lyle Harris

Harris & Brun Law Corporation is proud to announce that Jennifer Brun has become Vice President of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association (“CBABC”).

The Canadian Bar Association is a national association focused on protecting and furthering the interests of lawyers across Canada. In furthering the interests of lawyers, the Association directly and indirectly enhances the interests of our clients and the public at large.

How large is the Canadian Bar Association? It is an organization of 37,000 lawyers all across Canada, many of whom are physically remote and unconnected to other channels of professional development and networking. The Association has 7,200 lawyers in British Columbia alone who are members of CBABC.

What are some of the things that CBABC does? CBABC lobbies the British Columbia Government on legal aid funding, an area which is chronically and systemically underfunded.  CBABC puts pressure on the government so that more members of the public, including women in disadvantaged situations, may receive access to justice by receiving financial assistance through legal aid. The CBABC works with indigenous peoples throughout BC to further truth and reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. CBABC works tirelessly to advocate for the causes of minorities. It promotes professional development and affordable education seminars for lawyers, so that lawyers – particularly in remote access areas – may serve their clients better.

Jennifer Brun was elected an Officer-at-Large of the CBABC in June 2017, and Secretary Treasurer in June 2018. This year, 2019, she became Vice President commencing her term September 1. These are all volunteer positions that Jennifer holds in her spare time in addition to the many hours she puts in serving her clients here at Harris & Brun Law Corporation, and the hours she devotes as a spouse and mother.

As a founding partner, I am honoured that Jennifer chose to join us in 2016 after practicing with a leading insurance defence firm in Vancouver since 2007.  Jennifer has followed in the footsteps of the other founding partner, her father Robert C. Brun, Q.C., who was first elected to the CBABC executive in 2000 and became president in 2003.

Congratulations Jennifer!

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