September 13, 2012

Robert Brun Becomes Canadian Bar Association National President

Lyle Harris

At the annual meeting held in Vancouver from August 12-14, 2012 our own Robert Brun was appointed President of the national organization of the Canadian Bar Association.

The Canadian Bar Association is the largest Canadian legal organization working for the benefit of lawyers (and their clients) and has 37,000 members, including lawyers, law teachers, and law students, across the country. The CBA is dedicated to support for the rule of law, the improvement of the law, and the administration of justice throughout the country.
Robert tells us that the independence of the bar, access to justice and leadership in the profession are his priorities for his year-long term. He says that many clients do not appreciate that lawyers are only able to represent them with undivided loyalty, conviction, and passion because they are independent from interference from politicians and from judges.

“An independent judiciary is the cornerstone of a free and just society,” says Robert. “And it is impossible for the courts to be free unless the lawyers who appear in them are independent from political or judicial control. Only then is a lawyer able to act zealously. objectively, and with undivided loyalty for his or her client.”

Robert Brun was called to the British Columbia bar in 1978 after graduating in 1977 from UBC, and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2004. He has been involved in civil, employment trust, and estate litigation and has appeared at the Supreme Court of Canada, the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Since joining the Canadian Bar Association in 1974, when he started law school, he has been an active member at both the national and branch levels. Robert and his wife Pam have three adult children. Daughter Jennifer, also a lawyer, chairs the CBA’s Young Lawyers-CBA this year.

One of the requirements of Robert’s position is that he wear the CBA “Chain of Office” on ceremonial occasions. The chain is an ornate silver and gold plated chain, created with high standards of craftsmanship, and containing medallions with the provincial flags of each province and territory. Robert brought the chain back to the office following the conference and showed it to the staff at H & B, many of whom tried it on!

The term of the President is for one year. During the year from August 2012 to 2013, Robert will continue to service his clients as before as he executes his CBA presidential duties. Robert’s ascendancy to the Presidency is a testimony to his leadership abilities and the respect he has throughout our Country, Congratulations Robert!

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