February 11, 2021

Susan Rowed Retires: Thank You and Congratulations

Harris & Brun

Susan Rowed has recently retired from the practice of law. The director of HBLC would like to take this opportunity to thank Susan for her many years of service to our firm. Susan joined Harris and Brun on April 1, 2003, as an associate, at what was then a partnership. Before she joined the firm she had obtained extensive experience in the field of personal injury litigation.

She was an integral part of the firm, up until her first departure in March 2012, when she and her husband decided to move away from Vancouver. We continued to stay in touch with Susan, and it is not surprising that when we decided to open a small office in Victoria, we invited her to join the firm once again. Susan advised us that she would be happy to return on a part-time basis for a period of a few years, and we were delighted to have her rejoin us.

True to her word, Sue has now decided to retire from the practice of law, and so we once again are bidding her farewell. HBLC is grateful to Susan for her collegiality and hard work over the years. Susan can be proud of her many years of service with our firm, to the profession and to members of the public. We will miss her but at the same time wish her well for a long and joyous retirement.

For anyone needing to follow up on matters that Susan handled, please contact Paralegal Silvana Poon at 604-608-2041 or by email at [email protected], and she will be happy to assist you.

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